38 Rustic Tiny House Ideas

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Apartment bedroom ideas can be applied based on the theme of your home or the large of your home. Today most people like to live in the vacation home or tiny home because they like to get privacy when they are in their home. Actually building a home will not cost higher when you use your creativity. You can use heavy equipment to create tiny cabin home that today becomes the favorite one for rural and suburban. This kind of home will expose more with small log in some parts of the home. Logs are used as main elements for this kind of home. Logs will create natural look, rustic look and in the same time it gives warm to all people who stay inside the home.

For all of you who have a plan for vacation, you can stay in the vacation cabin that is made with rustic style too. The rustic style can be applied too in some elements such as the cabin windows, partitions, entrances and some other things. Although you have small cabin, it doesn’t mean that you will get limited function. You still can add simple furniture. Some people recommend you to use folded dining table and chair so when you don’t use it again you can use more space for other activities. You also need small kitchen with simple kitchen cabinet.

How about bedroom design ideas with rustic style? You can make it true when you do some tips. You can paint planks of wood with white color and then place it on the back part of the shelves. You can add rustic look in your bedroom by adding rustic coffee table too. Adding piece of fabric that is covered with foam on top of wood milk crate will be good for your bedroom. It is time for you to create your tiny house with rustic style.

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